10 things that tell your expensive suit is a cheap one!

Even in an expensive store you can stumble upon a badly-made replica while ordinary democratic markets sometimes offer inexpensive decent suits. Let's highlight the main signs of quality or the absence of it for men's suits.
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Cheap Plastic Buttons
Cheap buttons look cheap and are very breakable. If the anchor buttons inside the suit are plastic – most likely the producer country is Hong Kong.

Cheap Plastic Buttons.jpg
Paper-like lining and synthetic fabric
The most substandard fabric rustles when you rub it with your fingers. It would be highly uncomfortable to wear such a suit in summer since it retains heat badly. Choose natural materials, like cotton, linen, or wool.
Natural wool looks vintage and isn’t shiny. Synthetic fabric with the addition of wool may glisten, or vice versa it can be too dull and look stretched-out. Viscose texture resembles cotton, but is slightly shiny, looks too lightweight and shapeless.

Paper-like lining and synthetic fabric.jpg
S-XL size chart
Expensive jackets normally feature more accurate sizes!

S-XL size chart.jpg
Saving on extra fabric
In a cheap suit pants cannot be lengthened because there is hardly any extra fabric under the hem. The waist cannot be let out as well.

Saving on extra fabric.jpg
Punto and the notch
It’s easy to check the quality of the cut by the jacket’s punto and notch (the border between the collar and the lapel) they must be perfect reflections of each other, not a millimeter below or a millimeter higher. Also, the felt cloth should completely cover the lining of the lapel and hold it firmly.

Пунто и раскеп.jpg
Lapel lines are not fixed
To make clothes more durable and fit better, the angle and placement of the lapel of the jacket can be fixed with a button.

Lapel lines are not fixed.jpg
Bubbles behind the lapel
This means that this part of the jacket is glued. If you have such a suit dry-cleaned, it will lose its shape.

Bubbles behind the lapel.jpg
Low armholes
A jacket tailored in this way will seem very uncomfortable to almost any person since it looks clumsy and limits your movements.

Low armholes.jpg
Tight lapel fold
This is the most noticeable detail of the suit. The fold must be gentle, gradual and three-dimensional – this is what makes an expensive suit look stunning. In cheap suits the fold is tight, and ironed.

Tight lapel fold.jpg
Bubbly shoulder line
The shoulder is the critical point in the suit. It should be even, smooth and clean. And certainly not bumpy and chaotic!

Bubbly shoulder line.jpg

Your expensive look is thoughtful, qualitative and stylish look for the people surrounding you see you as a trustworthy person in every respect. The person who induces a sense of respect, not pity!

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