Ergonomics in the kitchen worktop height

Ergonomics in the kitchen: worktop height

Comfort and practicality in your kitchen is a mirror image of properly selected materials, furniture and lighting. Along with them, dimensions and size of all items are very important, in particular, convenience depends on the height of the worktop. Don`t know where to buy quality kitchen furniture? Visit! Jiji is one of the largest Nigerian marketplaces. You can find here a great variety of products in all kinds of categories. Here you are buying from real people, so you can save lots of money. And you can be sure in the safety of transactions, which is also no less important nowadays.
When you are standing at the stove, sink or cutting surface, your arms, back and neck get the tension, and if the height of the furniture does not meet the requirements of ergonomics, then working in the kitchen can become extremely tedious and even damaging to your health.
In this article we will explain what you need to consider when selecting the height of working countertop, and how to combine its options with other kitchen furniture in order to make the cooking process pleasant and convenient.
How to choose the height of the worktop?
Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable a standard size of the furniture is? Most often such sets consist of low cabinets of height no more than 85 cm, and quite massive top ones, still oppress many owners with their inconvenience. And the matter is in the wrong choice of height of kitchen furniture, including a cutting surface.
Main criteria
Thus, in order to make the cooking process as comfortable as possible, when ordering furniture you should specify its dimensions: height, width, and depth. It`s not difficult at all, since the main criterion must be the height of the owner.
Height of a countertop in our days, when there are quite a lot of women and men above average height, shall be not less than 87 cm, and in the average from 85 to 92 cm. Accordingly, the man with the height of 160 cm will be comfortable to use a countertop with the height of 85-87 cm, if the height is 170 cm and more - 88-90 cm , 180 cm and above - 90-92 cm.
Talking about the height of the work surface, it should be noted that its depth, i.e., the distance from the wall to the edge of the countertop, should also have certain size. In addition, you must ensure that the suspended cabinets are located at a certain height, and were not deeper than the science of ergonomics directs.

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