Everyone Calm Down, #KimKardashian and #KanyeWest Are Not Divorcing


The candidly tiring year 2016 took yet another hazardous turn this week when bits of gossip started circling that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Snapchat's overwhelming force couple, was set out toward separation. The principle offender: a Us Week after week report asserting Kardashian West "has been separating herself from Kanye" since his discharge a week ago from UCLA Medicinal Center—authoritatively for "depletion," supposedly for a "psychiatric crisis"— and "wouldn't like to remain wedded." Yippee likewise bounced on the temporary fad, refering to an "insider" (dependably an "insider") who says the couple has "had issues for some time . . . I wouldn't be astonished in the event that they can't recoup from the strain of the previous a while," which, recall, likewise included Kardashian West's frightening burglary at gunpoint in Paris.

In any case, fans can take a profound yogic breath and breathe out a murmur of help today, as the bits of gossip about a Kim/Kanye split are currently being exposed. As indicated by TMZ, the babble is "add up to B.S.," including, "in truth . . . since Kim's burglary and Kanye's hospitalization, they've developed closer and depend on each other like never before for support." Individuals similarly reports that "the separation stuff is totally false" and Kardashian West has been a "steady nearness" next to West. Likely not helping the babble machine, however, is the way that West supposedly did not come back to the family's grave white Bel-Air chateau (thank you, Snapchat, for the looks) after his discharge from the doctor's facility, at the same time, for therapeutic reasons, is remaining at a rental and accepting outpatient mind.

Along these lines, take heart. It's actual, a man who coolly shared that he gets ladies by their private parts is presently our leader choose, the Syrian displaced person emergency proceeds, and we lost Ruler and David Bowie and Leonard Cohen this year, yet in any event for the time being, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still attached. All is not lost.
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