Lady Gaga Discusses Sonja, from Her Song ‘Grigio Girls’


In a late talk with, Woman Gaga opened up about the motivation behind one of the extra tracks on her new collection, Joanne. "Grigio Young ladies" was propelled by a long-term companion and the melody hits hard.

"One of my closest companions, Sonja, who has been with me since I was twenty-three years of age, she has metastasized growth in her lungs and in her mind. It's stage four. Also, it's truly hard: it's difficult to watch, it's difficult to witness, it's difficult to recognize what to say. Yet, I cherish her so much, and it's important to the point that we keep on doing examination to discover a cure."

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"I composed a melody about her on the collection, it's about how me and the majority of our lady friends would get together and cry without her when she's not around, in light of the fact that we cherish her to such an extent. We simply need to be solid with her."

"The verse is, 'Sisters never pack up, we generally keep running back, affection/Seven years prior I said you'd make it Sonja, was Joanne's companion, intense young lady's recuperating, so when I'm feeling little, I hurl that stopper, and call.'

"Grigio Young ladies" has a message that numerous ladies can apply to their lives: "The melody is about womanhood and staying together and empowering each other and showing each other that it's alright to cry together and require each other, and that we can't do only it."
(The above video appeared at CBS Radio's We Can Survive show at the Hollywood Bowl in California, prior this evening [October 22]).

To her fans — or anybody — doing combating disease, she has some guidance, taken from the experience of watching Sonja's battle: "I would say to utilize her as a motivation, and let you know that I have watched her battle each day, attempting to giggle, and run each minute with the greatest grin all over of seek and confidence after what's to come."

She includes: "I feel associated with you, despite the fact that I don't have any acquaintance with you, since I know her."

To peruse stories from other moving ladies who have fought growth, see "Survivor Stories," some portion of CBS Radio's modifying around our yearly We Can Survive occasion, which you can take in more about here.

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