Death of Hells Angels Boss Mucuk shots in the dark Aygün Mucuk

Obscure individuals have shot the Giessen Hells Angels manager Aygün Mucuk. Is a shaking quarrel raised? The 45-year-old lived perilously, ever missed a slug marginally his heart.

The crisis call comes around half-past eight in the morning: A cleaning lady expresses that she has found a dead on the Hells Angels site in Giessen. At the point when the police arrive, it turns out to be clear: The dead man is the leader of the neighborhood rock band, Aygün Mucuk, he was clearly shot.

From that point forward, the agents have been thinking about the foundation. Obviously Mucuk had been hit by an "assortment of shots", a representative for the Gießen prosecutor said. One begins from a snapshot of death in the night or early morning. Witnesses for the episode were critically looked for, there is so far no suspect. "The examinations are going every which way."

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Aygün Mucuk: Death in Gießen

Thus until further notice, theory remains whether the demise of Mucuk is the new peak of a grisly quarrel. For a considerable length of time, a congenial war between the old-built up Hells Angels from Frankfurt and the Turkish partners from Gießen. He increased a few times in grisly viciousness. The once firmly sorted out blessed messengers are profoundly partitioned.

It is about youthful against old, "old fashioned" against "new school", Germans against vagrants. As the pioneer of the youthful savage, the 45-year-old Aygün Mucuk confronted the Frankfurt rocker Walter Burkard, referred to in the scene as "Schnitzel-Walter". Both had known each other for quite a long time, had a place with the now prohibited Frankfurt branch Westend, brought in the scene contract.

Mucuk's profession was commonplace of the milieu, he functioned as a concierge and pimp. As of now as a young person he needed to imprison due to substantial damage.

In 2014, Mucuk, with different mavericks, took the arrangement to set up his own particular sanction - an insult for "Schnitzel-Walter". In July 2014 the contention heightened. Before Frankfurt club Katana Westend-rocker Jürgen "Fips" F. shot the adversary Mucuk. A projectile simply missed the heart.

Mucuk left out to the outside. "There's dependably a battle in each greater family," he said. In November 2014, he settled on a genuine choice, truth be told, with the backing of European associates, he established the sanction in Giessen. An unmistakable infringement of the strict controls, which the squad wormed around "Schnitzel-Walter".

Profound trenches had since isolated the foe groups, despite the fact that it appeared as though they had concurred on a sort of serene conjunction. At an enclosing function sorted out by Mucuk Offenbach, Burkard was additionally in the spring.

Both gave themselves well known, exhibited closeness. Likewise "Fips", the Mucuk before the Katana had pursued a shot in the mid-section, sat that night in the group of onlookers. Some way or another Mucuk crouched to him. To Spiegel TV, Mucuk said at the time: "Alles super, alles schön."

Zoff in the lodging

Toward the beginning of March, in any case, the following Zoff: Five blessed messengers from both groups met for an emergency talk in the Steigenberger inn at the air terminal, and Mucuk was additionally there. The discussion finished in a debacle. As per data from SPIEGEL TV flew effectively six minutes after seats and tables. Munir H., a supporter of Mucuk, broke his nose. After the episode, both sides furnished.

Munir H. flew out of the posse. On Ascension Day the Streithähne met again from the inn once more, most likely by shot. In his white Mercedes rough terrain vehicle Munir H. moved past his previous buddies, clearly inciting them with motions. At that point shots fell, H. was hit, and in addition his traveler Emir K.

And still, at the end of the day, examiners expected that the occurrence could prompt further viciousness. Particularly since Mucuk was additionally disputable in his own sanction. Individuals gave him his openness for media and meetings.

After the passing of Mucuk the Landeskriminalamt has taken the examination. A huge gathering of the police secured the premises of the club house, on which 30 to 50 rocker were available.

Joint effort: Ansgar Siemens

Watch a SPIEGEL TV report from August 2016 about Aygün Mucuk and the sibling war of Hells Angels.

More foundation looking into it at SPIEGEL TV, Sunday 10:55 pm RTL

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