Wall arts ideas for your home with jiji.ng

Your home will become really cozy only if you pay enough attention to little details. What shade of this or that color curtains should be? What print on plates fits to the atmosphere of the dining room? Can this mirror make you happy when you look in it in the morning? And the most important one: are the walls looking exactly as they should?
Modern wall art is… well, one more kind of high arts. Wall art ideas are always simple and ingenious. In the end, it is what you are surrounded by. If you are looking for a personal solution, we can give you some wall decoration ideas.

Pictures and paintings

This is the simplest and the most universal way to decorate your wall. People hang painting on the walls since the dawn of civilization. Even more than that: ancient people carved symbols and drew pictures in caves. That’s where it comes from, and that’s the best evidence that we are not going to forget about wall art.


The second most popular wall d├ęcor option is the best way to tell stories for people, who come to visit you. It is also a reminder about important people, events, moments and feelings you don’t want to let go. So why not to keep it near and make it look beautiful?


This is more exquisite and will fit only with some interiors. But if you match it right, wall will look excellent. Mosaic is always mysterious and leaves some room for imagination. It is about playing with colors and moods. It is the best way to emphasize your originality.


To feel more freedom, put some posters on the walls. Favorite cities, black and white images, colorful pop art or favorite bands – choose what is dear for you and what you want to look at every time you lift your eyes.

Handmade ideas and compositions

You are too creative to entrust decorations for your wall to someone else? Then make everything on your own. We cannot say what to make and give directions, but we can say for sure: it is a good idea.

Map of the world

This one is for dreamers. Make the world closer to you. Every time you look at your wall, you will notice one more interesting place to see, one more undiscovered destination to visit, one more amazing culture to learn about. They say, if you can dream it, you can make it. Start with little things. And never stop dreaming.
Unlike previous idea, this solution appeals more for practical people. But who told you that practical cannot be creative? It doesn’t mean you should hide the walls behind ordinary planks with some things stacked upon. Choose unexpected surrealistic forms, organize everything neat and create eye-catching compositions. You’ll have your cake and eat it, too

Canvas wall art

This one will look great in a spacious room. It usually consists of several pieces – with same or different pictures, or one picture divided into several parts. Every piece can be of the same or completely different size. Ideas for pictures are limitless, too – from understated abstractions to safari wall art, creating the feeling of freedom and connecting you with nature.
Where to find?

This is a question with very simple answer: on Jiji. The biggest Nigerian classifieds can boast with the biggest collection of wallarts for sale in the country. The impressive selection together with user-friendly interface and direct communication with sellers will help you to come up with the idea for your walls quickly and easy. Don’t waste any time for thinking, just go for it!

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