War at alaba international market

Alaba International Market is one among the busiest place in lagos Nigeria
it all happen on a tuesday afternoon when a fight broke out at Alaba International Market Here in ojo Lagos Nigeria the fight was between some hausa guys and some igbo men in which an igbo man was murdered you can call that a mistake but that stired up the anger and hate of the hausa men popularly known as ABOKI by the igbo men, the fight which forced the busy Alaba market to shot down earlier than usual because everybody had to flee for thier dear lives got alot of people injured as most of the buildings of the Aboki's were burnt down i even managed to escape injury cause the okada rider that was taking me home was an Aboki and he was attacked at the sight of him but he eventually ran for his dear life.
Well the good thing is that peace and calmness is being restored as armed policemen have been stationed at strategic places where the fight is suspected to occur again.
One thing got me wondering thou, that in this hard time people still have time to fight 

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