Female nysc member takes steps to reduce unemployment and promote entrepreneurship in Nigeria


A female corps member  Bamido Idowu  is trying to solve the problem of unemployment in Nigeria and promote small and medium scale enterprises by creating a website www.bamwase.com
Bamwase serves as a market place for jobseekers, businesses, employers and customers
Job seekers create profile that would be seen by prospective employers and recruiters and businesses create business profile that would be seen by intending customers and other businesses
While speaking with Bamido Idowu the CEO of Bamwase she said the idea was birthed when she heard entrepreneurs complain about lack of employees and customers for their businesses and also noting how jobseekers in her circle struggle so hard to get jobs
Bamwase seeks to correct that, as not only are jobs posted daily free of charge by intending employers   from all over Nigeria for job seekers to apply to, there is also the added advantage of getting a part time job or doing freelance jobs like running errands and doing task for a fixed fee determined by the job seeker subsequent to being fully employed.
Businesses can promote their products and services by creating a business profile that can be seen by intending customers and other businesses, contracts and tenders are posted daily by individuals, companies and government agencies for businesses to submit quotations.Bamwase also helps businesses in advertising their goods and services via social media, ad banner, bulk sms ,blog post, email marketing.
“We hope that soon Bamwase would expand outside the shores of Africa and be a known as the one stop shop for Africa’s labor market, where you can get any individual or business to do any kind of job in Africa”
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