Ms SaHHara shares video from her experience at London Fetish club

Nigerian transgender Ms Sahhara visited a fetish club in London recently and took to her YouTube Channel to share her experience. According to her, the place was very disgusting as she saw ten men on top of one woman, and different people were having group sex. She said as a born again Christian girl from Naija, she felt out of place there and had to run out of the place.

"One of the rooms was very dark with people touching themselves. We went into another room. Oh my Gawd! Come and see different people  having orgy. Women with their vagina flapping all over the place Ten men on top of one woman. It just didn't feel comfortable for me. I did feel out of place and so I had to leave. The place stank of sperm, sweat. Disgusting. For a good christian girl like m, especially a born-again christian girl from Naija, I was just saying Jesus please forgive me my sin"he said

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