50 Cent tells court the money he flaunts on instagram is fake!

Is 50 Cent really a fraud or is he messing with the courts? Last month he was ordered before a bankruptcy judge to explain the multiple Instagram posts that showed him flaunting cash while claiming he is broke. 50 Cent claimed in court that the money he flaunts on social media is fake.

The rapper filed for bankruptcy after he was ordered to pay Rick Ross' baby mama $7 million in damages for posting her sex tape online...
After claiming bankruptcy in court last year, 50 Cent has been heavily flexing on Instagram. So much that a judge ordered him to appear in bankruptcy court to explain recent Instagram photos that show him posing with large amount of cash…
According to a court filing on Tuesday, 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) says the money he’s been flashing on Instagram for the past few months isn’t real.
As a hip-hop artist and entertainer, it is imperative that I continue to project aspirational goals of success in order to preserve my brand and those I represent,” he said in an affidavit filed in federal bankruptcy court Tuesday. “My social media posts are a vehicle to perpetuate the demand for my music and entertainment services.
Well played Fifty but it looks like the judge still has doubts as he ask the Get Rich or Dying Tryin’ star to get him proof that the money isn’t real and that he is not hiding any assets from the court.

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