I Need a Boyfriend News Oga Help Me_ Kimberly

Hello News,

I have sent you 4 mails and you havent posted any. This is not fair. I am not naked in any photo. bikini photo is not nudity and I dont know why tilb2 has refused to publish my mails. I have even sent the ones that is not bikini pix yet no show. i hope you will allow bum short. I hope this time will be different. I am sending this in for the hottest tilb reader. I hope your readers find me hot enough. Do not forget to add that I am a single mum very ready to meet new people. My pin is ********* and my E-mail is ********************

I am currently vacationing in Maldives with cherry. I will send in photos later but please post my feature asap. cheriooooo

My apologies, the blog has a none nude policy and unfortunately most of your photos are semi nude. we will filter some and post some. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Guys, Kim is on fire, See her moderate photos after the cut and decide if we crown her the hottest

This babe is some kind of temptation i swear. Whaya tink guys? She hot enough?
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