Policeman Sentenced To 5 Year Jail Term For Raping Minor In Akure

However, the accused pleaded guilty to his offence during the court sitting but faulted some accusations by the prosecutor in the case.

Onoja Abel, a night security protect in Akure, has been sentenced to five years in jail by the Chief Magistrates Court in Akure for assaulting a minor.

Nigeria Police Force

Mr. Abel, 32 years of age, assaulted the young lady in September 2015 at his work environment recognized as Toyosi Pure Water Compound on High School Road in Akure South Local Government Area (LGA) of Ondo State.

At a court hearing on Monday the Prosecutor, Isah Atanegbe, painted a point by point picture of how the Mr. Abel baited the 9 year old young lady (name withheld) into the compound where he assaulted her.

Mr. Atanegbe, an Assistant Superintendent of Police, said the denounced conferred the offense between the months of September and October 2015. "He had unlawful sexual relations with of the minor young lady without her assent," he told the court.

SaharaReporters reporter reported that the blamed abused areas ‎218 and 360 for the Criminal Laws, Cap 37 Volume 1 of the Ondo State constitution, Nigeria, 2006.

On the other hand, the blamed conceded to his offense amid the court sitting yet blamed a few allegations by the prosecutor for the situation.

"I just laid down with the young lady once and that is the month of September not twice as prior said by the police. I have lamented my activity as I likewise have an offspring of 10 years of age at home," he said.

‎Bob-Manuel Victoria, the Presiding Magistrate of the court having listened to the blamed attacker, sentenced him to five years detainment without a choice of fine including hard w

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