Paris Jackson clears up marriage rumours

The rumour that 17 year old Paris Jackson, had married her 18 year old boyfriend Chester Castellaw's after her name on her Instagram page changed to her bf's last name has gotten a response from the teen. The daughter of the late Michael Jackson insists she does not have a public Instagram page and claims that two users - who are now set to private - are imposters.

The star shared a video on her boyfriend's Instagram account two weeks ago in hopes of shutting down those accounts.

Chester captioned the clip: 'Hey everyone, my girl wanted me to post this in hopes of catching two fake accounts. Please share and spread the word. I would appreciate it thanks.'
In the video, Paris says: 'Hey guys just wanted to thank everybody that's been super supportive lately. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
'I was hoping you guys could help me get the accounts on Instagram @parisjackson and @thatjacksonchickk__ deleted. 
They didn't address the marriage part though so we still don't know if they are truly married or not.
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