Man is hanging off a cliff but what his GF is doing?

23 year old Leonardo Pereira likes to climb cliffs, hills and etc. He shared a photo of himself hanging off the edge of a huge cliff on his instagram page, but it's what his girlfriend, 18 year old Victoria Nader was doing on the right that got his fans freaking out. See the full pic after the cut...

She was sitting close to the edge of the cliff, relaxing and happily taking photos.

Then she also hung close to the edge of the cliff...

What people didn't know was that Leo and Victoria, both Brazilians are a cliff hanging couple. This is what they do to have fun, hanging off a cliff face over a 3,000 foot drop with nothing but their arms to keep them from falling. The couple post their death-defying stunts on Instagram and now have thousands of followers. They met while rock climbing.

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