Nivea still mad Christina Milian has been with her two baby daddys

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Singer Christina Milian is giving fellow singer Nivea nightmares. Not only did she marry Nivea's ex-husband, she's currently dating Nivea's other baby daddy, Lil Wayne. In a recent interview with Team Curtains, Nivea addressed her 'status' with Christina and how she feels about her romance with Lil Wayne
“We have no status [laughs]. The status actually for me is that we are mothers of siblings. She married the same dude I did. She has a daughter by my ex-husband who is now her ex-husband as well, who is my eldest three siblings other half fricking sibling. Now she’s dating my other baby daddy so go figure. I haven’t talked to her. There’s nothing I can do about that but I definitely don’t support the craziness but it is what it is”.

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