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Kumasi suame Guy Leaks Video Of Girlfriend Jacqueline

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What A wicked world. Folks, what would you do if you find out your girlfriend has been sleeping with other people including your father, meanwhile she tells you no sex until you two gets married? Well, this is what a girl Jacqueline Adom Sika did to this guy who has released this video online.

I saw this lady and had an interest in her. We went out for about a week so I took her to my fathers house. My father was there when I Introduced her to him as my girlfriend. All of a sudden I heard a rumor that she’s got a guy (Yaw) who is not in gh.  I wasn’t sure about that story Until I saw the pictures of her and the guy on her phone. Surprisingly at the same time, I meant 2 days afterwards I saw this picture of her on my fathers Phone
After I saw it I got to realize she was sleeping with my father too. The sad thing is I never had the chance to do Anything with her. She Says we have to marry first, Not knowing she was given it out to other People including my father. Until then I started hearing she sleeps with old rich men for money Just to fund her luxury lifestyle, Because apparently that is the university girls I never knew.
Until I broke up with her I thought she was from rich family so her constant buy of stuffs never bothered me, Not knowing she gets all the money from sleeping with rich old men. That’s my story brother I said to myself she has to pay for all this. The london guy’s instagram is skiin111″
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