Kim and Kanye fighting over North?

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I hear! Insiders claim Kim and Kanye are butting heads over how to discipline their daughter, North

 From The National Enquirer

Child-rearing brouhaha brewing over beloved baby North between stern-but-doting dad Kanye West and spare-the-rod-don't-spoil-the-child Momma Bear Kim Kardashian, who growled when she spotted hubby tapping their wailing tyke ever-so-lightly on the hand while insisting “no … no …no” as Munch-kin kept stuffing bad junk in her li’l pie-hole!
Said an insider: “Kim, who doesn’t believe in ANY corporal punishment, got furious with Kanye and triggered a screaming match – with him raging she’s too permissive and lax about telling a child what NOT to do! Kanye’s adamant that ‘a child’s got to be schooled!’ It was ALL a repeat of a shouting match staged in front of friends days before, and Kim ignored Kanye as she rushed to comfort their 1-year-old – and he went storming off!”

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